Capsules and Dry Syrup Manufacturers

Sain Medicaments is one of the leading capsules and dry syrup manufacturers in India. We are an ISO-certified company specializing in the manufacture of tablets, capsules, syrups, dry syrups, and suspensions. That’s not all; our manufacturing plant is a massive 70,000 sq. ft. facility that is cGMP certified too. Equipped with the latest technology, this plant can churn a whopping 500 million tablets, 100 million capsules, and 100,000 liters of syrup annually. To give further assurance to our stakeholders, our quality control lab is also GLP certified which adheres to set international standards without any deviations.

In addition to all the certifications and stringent processes we have put in place, our effort has been recognized and acknowledged by several international bodies over the years. Currently, our company has a footprint in 16+ countries across the globe with plans to expand up to 25+ countries by 2022. This allows us to produce quality goods at scale for every type of requirement. Despite all the feathers on our cap, we remain rooted in our work with a focus on identifying those who need our services the most and providing them with the most effective solutions at affordable prices. Without any doubt, we stand as one of the top capsules and dry syrup manufacturers in India.

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