Manufacture Of Nutritional And Otc Supplements

Sain Medicaments specialises in the manufacture of nutritional and OTC supplements along with a wide range of lifesaving drugs.

As a leading pharmaceutical company with 40-plus years of solid experience and insight into the field, we stand strong and committed to the cause of delivering high-quality drugs that are safe, effective, and affordable. Through our unwavering commitment to excellence, we push the boundaries of medical science and deliver medical breakthroughs that can help save lives and improve the quality of life across the globe.

We adhere to stringent industry standards and regulatory requirements while keeping patient safety and positive medical outcomes at the forefront. We are certified by the ISO 9001:2000/22000:2005 and WHO-GMP. We also operate a GLP certified lab quality control lab which abides by international standards. Our 70,000 sq. ft manufacturing plant is built to handle high-paced production lines while ensuring the highest levels of quality and consistency every step of the way. Currently, our annual production goes up to 500 million tablets, 100 million capsules, and 100,000 litres of syrup.

For the manufacture of nutritional and OTC supplements of the highest quality and reliability, contact Sain Medicaments today!

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