Neuro Medicine Manufacturers And Exporters In India

If you are looking for a reputed and trusted neuro medicine manufacturer and exporter in India, contact Sain Medicaments today.

Founded in the 70s by Sri Radheshyam Ji Kanodia, our mission is to help patients acquire the best of care without having to worry about the finances. Since our inception, we have dedicated our time and resources not only to meet prevailing market demands but also in advancing medical science and providing life-saving solutions in India and across the globe. We are empanelled with 16-plus countries in over 5 countries where we provide high-quality drugs for a wide range of medical requirements. The company is also looking to expand its reach in 25-plus countries in the coming years.

We operate out of a 70,000 sq. ft area with various sections for production, storage, and other utilities. We have an annual production of 500 million tablets, 100 million capsules, and 100,000 litres of syrup. Given the scale of production, quality and reliability in our offerings is imperative. We are c-GMP compliant and also have a GLP Certified Quality Control lab. Additionally, we are also ISO 9001:2000/ 22000:2005 and WHO-GMP certified. These certifications ensure that our production systems are robust while also gaining the trust and confidence of our customers.

As a leading neuro medicine manufacturer and exporter in India, we continue to forge new frontiers in medical science and improve the well being of patients all over the world.

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